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First Flash And Upcoming Ones

2011-03-25 00:26:51 by Sheldar

I just got finished with my first flash which you can peep at this link:

My next project is going to be a zombie movie and hopefully I can turn it into a series, but no guaranties! It'll be released more than likely in around a week.

A big project coming up, for me, is making a music video for the song All The Rest by Twiztid. I don't know when I'll be doing this but make sure to keep watch on it in the future! ;D

Anyways, off to work on the zombie short. ;p


Drawing Tablet/First Series

2011-03-24 14:36:10 by Sheldar

Got my drawing tablet last night and damn... It's like a tool made from gods' and put into my hand. ;D I'm not saying I'm pumping out amazingly fresh material but I am getting used to it and the more I use it the better my drawings become on the computer. ;]

Working on my first series too. ;D